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Do I need a Process Server?

Ok you went to file your case with the court and now you have all these legal documents in your hand but aren’t sure what the next step is.


You try to make sense of all the legal documents and rules of the court and you find that they

aren’t that easy to understand let alone fulfill correctly. When you need to deliver proper notice

to an individual or business regarding impending legal action, how do you get the right papers to the right people promptly while fulfilling all the rules of due diligence for your court?

The best option is to hire a Registered Process Server.


Reason Number #1

We have a complete legal understanding of the rules of the courts regarding proper service of


This is where we come in. We understand that you don't deal with this legal stuff all the time but we do! Just give us a call or set up an appointment for a free consultation and then send us the legal documents you need served (Or we can arrange to pick them up) and we will get the job done. Once we serve your legal documents, we will prepare the appropriate proof of service forms at no additional cost for your case once service is complete. (and include an optional notarized affidavit for proof of services) Serving is our business and we are here to help.

Reason Number #2

We are Dedicated.

A professional process server spends his or her day in the field, attempting serves and moving

steadily forward on due diligence as quickly and efficiently as they can. And since they do not receive payment until the serve is complete, they are highly motivated to fulfill each attempt in good time.


Sheriffs and local Police Officers are conducting serve attempts on the side of their full-time job, and will always have to give precedence to matters of more importance. He or she will get

around to each attempt when and if they have time, which is good for the safety of their district, and not so great for the customer who needs a serve completed.


Additionally, a professional process server will go to extra lengths that a sheriff or local police

never will. Professional process servers will often get incredibly creative to complete their



Reason Number #3

We Are Professional.

The State of California has strict standards that professional process servers must meet for how serve attempts are conducted and how proof of service must be confirmed before it is returned.

I personally hold process serving to the highest standards possible, in addition to the state

regulations. “The State of California Certification/Registration process is done with a complete

background check in addition to a Life Scan and Finger Prints that are registered and on file with the county office. In addition to my registration I am Insured and fully Bonded in accordance with the San Diego County Clerks Office.

Officially, sheriffs are bound by all the same rules that professional process servers are, but no

one is going to hold them accountable in the same way. So It is a wise choice to hire a Registered and Bonded Process Server.

Reason #4

My Expertise and Experience.

I am prior Military and prior Law Enforcement. My experience has a wide range in dealing with

investigations and working in the field and is an additional benefit. I am also a Certified A.B.A

graduate from University of San Diego as a Paralegal where I have obtained legal education and experience with Small Claims and the Civil legal procedures and legal forms.

Process Servers who deliver serves as a profession are very familiar with the state codes and

know what they can and can’t do. They know how many attempts they have to make to prove

due diligence, and when and where they can make them. They also know the minimum number of attempts to prove due diligence is five; and Sub-Service is also four; Requirements for the serve can be different depending of the court and the type of case therefore; process servers must be acutely aware of many different court regulations.


Sheriffs or local Police don’t generally read instructions as closely and can miss something a

process server will not. Even when given the rules for our court, they often disregard them. Not only do professional process servers know the rules, they also have a wide range of

strategies for dealing with those harder serves. They know when to do a stakeout before making the first attempt, and when to go right up to the door. They watch the SDG&E meter, feel the hood of the car, and do whatever is needed to assess the patterns of the person for whom they are looking. These are just a few of the things that demonstrate that a process server is the best option when you are in need to complete the service of process.

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