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These are standard prices. Prices may vary on a case by case basis.
Please contact us to discuss your case!

Fee Schedule

All Payments are due in Advance.


Acceptable Payment Methods



Credit & Debit Cards


(Pay Online Option at

(Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).


*Expedited service at any level only guarantees when the first attempt is made, not when the documents are served. We cannot guarantee the person will answer the door or be available when services are attempted.*


Standard Service First Attempts is made within the first 48hrs once we receive your documents and payment for service.

Expedited Services First attempt is made once all documents for service and you payment is received typically in 4hrs (Same day).


* Documents and payments received after 4:30 PM will be processed the next business day or day after the holiday if on a holiday.

Location (TBD By Our Office)

These are the basic guidelines we structure all our service attempts (Not exact times). 

If your documents and payments are received outside of our normal business hours (typically after 4:30pm) your service request will start the next business day.

First Attempt Made in 48 - 72hrs (Standard Service)

          Small Claim Case                                 $95

          Civil Case Summons & Complaint    $95

          Family Law                                           $95

          Temp Restraining Orders (TRO)       $125

          Notice To Quit $125

          Expedited Service All Cases               $125 

          (Service attempted the Same Day)


          Court Fillings

          Standard Court Filing Dept Drop Box  $50

If they won’t answer the door we will have to just wait for them to come out (or come home).  This service is best utilized before attempting service of process, so as not to tip them off. Please feel free to call so we can set up an appointment. Minimum of 1 hour per stake out.    


          Stake Out Services (Hourly)                        $50 Per Hour

 * Fee is per individual / entity served even if at the same address.

 * Our services are not negotiable and are subject to a refund based off of services provided by us and subject to our approval. 

 * Payment for any service accepts all terms and conditions in reference to services according to our office.



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