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San Diego County Process Servers 

Hello and thank you for choosing San Diego County Process Servers. We are one of the most reliable and professional service in San Diego County that offers the service of process to our clients. With many successful cases already served, we have an extensive amount of knowledge and a vast amount of experience to take care of your case. Our dedication and commitment meets all our client’s legal needs while maintaining the best in quality and accuracy of our services. We look forward to helping you with your case. Call now for your free consultation.

How a case is served:

Our Servuces
Personal Service

Personal Service this is the most preferred method for our clients and the most preferred by the courts. This means that the named party to the case – must personally delivered the court documents to inform them legal action is taken against them. While they may not take the documents or destroy them, once the documents are placed in a reasonable distance to them, services are considered complete. A detailed report on the proof of service will indicate how service was done.

Substitute Service

Substitute Service is used after several attempts where made to reach the primary person named to be served.  Usually after the third attempt sub service will be used on anyone in the household over the age of 18 years old, and they will be advised that they must deliver the documents to the primary person named in the case that legal action is taken against them. Substitute Service can be used at their place of work as long as someone in charge of the office or their supervisor is available to take the documents on the behalf of their employee.

Service by Mail or Posted

Following substitute all mailing will be completed by a registered Process Server and a Due Diligence report may follow. Service by mail is followed up after a posting to the property is done for a notice to quit or substitute service was made. Service is considered complete 10 days after the mailing is done. Service by mail can be done (with court  approval) by a registered process server, however Personal Service will always the most preferred and best type of service.

Ready to Start Your Case:

1. Select the type of service from our Shop page.

2. Make your payment on our secured site.

3. Scan your documents and send them to our Email address:

4. Email us or call with any questions at 858-412-3577


“San Diego County Process Servers made the entire process so smooth and easy. They were a real pleasure to work with.”

Erica James
CEO of Kasvu Agency


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